Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

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So it’s June once again which means that in the Philippines, it’s back to school time!

I have a four-year-old girl who is super excited to go to school but we’re not quite sure if we’re taking that route just yet. If you’ve been following us for some time now, you probably already know that we have plans to homeschool our kid(dos) so we can travel full-time but that is yet to unfold. We’ll cross the bridge when we get there, as they say.

Still, we’re just excited as our daughter to *hoard* school items. She loves reading books and can go for the beginner books on her own and quite confidently now. In fact, she just told me that she will aim for the hard books (Harry Potter level, she said) when she’s five; the ones that babies can’t understand. Okaaaaay.

But she’s still a kid. And books and pens and crayons and pencils and notebooks never fail to excite her.

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If you’re a parent to school-aged kids, you’re probably just excited to prepare all those things needed for their first day at school. Take your pick, the Metro Stores has something in store for you!

Back to school isn’t just about uniforms and bags though. You have to remember other essentials, too. There’s towels, for example, because hellooooo hot and humid Philippines!

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

In case you’re shopping for back-to-school essentials, keep in mind these must-have items:

School uniforms

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

School shoes

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!


Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

Notebooks, papers, pens and other stationery items

Face towels

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

Food and water containers

Girl Scout’s uniform

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

In the meantime, we’re settling for this first:

Back to School: Hello, Preschool Homeschool!

Ahh, hate to admit it, but shopping feels like heaven! And when it comes to school supplies and anything and everything else you need in life (except a boyfriend or a husband may be haha), there’s always something for you at the Metro! 😉

Any other back-to-school preparations you want to share? Comment below!

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