Don’t get me wrong, I do want to have a son (if allowed). While I couldn’t really compare, I just think there are a few advantages to having a daughter instead of a son. Below are a few things (based on experience) that I think parents will be happy about when they find out they will be having a girl for a baby.


Girls are naturally easier to discipline compared to boys. While kids will find it a little difficult to actually listen to what parents tell them to do – especially when they are playing – it becomes generally easy to get girls to behave. They are less rowdy and less inclined to rough housing so you do not have to constantly become worried about having injuries to take care of every day.


Based on my observations with children my daughter’s age, girls seem to be more ahead of boys in terms of communication. I know of two little boys that are a little older than my daughter who still do not know how to communicate well (they do talk but not that much). Kids follow their own timeline in terms of development though but I think girls are generally ahead compared to their male counterparts when it comes to this. There is no scientific evidence to back up my observations though.


Girls are generally more sensitive than boys – we definitely know that once we’ve reached adulthood, right? There are actually US figures showing that daughters are more likely to go back to living in their parents’ house to take care of their parents than sons. But I guess it’s also how our mentality has been shaped because we tend to believe that being sensitive is equal to being weak and being a wimp. I sure do hope we learn to teach our (future) sons to be sensitive people!

Clothes and Dressing Up!

I have heard from many of my friends about how convenient it is to shop for clothing when you are a girl. Dresses and blouses are abundant whereas male clothing are not that much and are also quite expensive.

I actually have a frustration for dresses. I didn’t learn to wear them until a few months into my pregnancy. Although I did wear them on occasion (once-a-year parties, summer dresses at once-a-year-trips-to-the-beach), I never really found the courage to wear them out to the office or to the mall. When I knew I was having a daughter, I swore to myself that she will be wearing dresses more often than I ever did in my lifetime.

I do plan on making dresses – once I have learned to use the sewing machine, that is – but for now I will just have too make do with these really cute dresses from Lemon Kiss. Check out a few of the chic and subtle summer dresses from Lemon Kiss:

I know, right? They have really fun and playful colors and brings out the femininity in your little ones. Don’t you just wish you were back to the time when women had to wear dresses, even at home? I do! I particularly love the dresses in the 50s and 60s. Somehow, there is a level of daintiness brought about by the dresses they wore.

Lemon Kiss dresses are mostly made from cotton making them very comfortable to wear even on hot days. Prices range from PHP400 to PHP700+.

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