Hi! Let me take you on a ride towards UNCONVENTIONAL LIVING.

My name is Pam.

I love wrangling codes but I also love putting together words that humans love.

When I’m not at home, I’m usually out seeking for beaches, mountains, campsites and other places of interest with le partner and our daughter.

Our goal is to go on at least one microadventure each month and to extensively travel around Cebu and the rest of the Philippines before we go out of the country.

We want to encourage everyone to take the road less traveled. But, most importantly, WE WANT TO ENCOURAGE PARENTS TO SPEND AS MUCH TIME AND EXPLORE THE OUTDOORS WITH THEIR KIDS.

It won’t be an easy journey. We know because we are constantly in a struggle between fulfilling our dreams and our responsibilities as adults. But we push on.

The ultimate goal is to be able to live a life the way we choose it.

We’re not quite there yet which is why we encourage you to join us as we take baby steps towards living a life of travel with lots of family time and passive income.

Are you ready to bring the kids?

Get our 10-page guide on traveling with kids around the Philippines!