Cleaning with a pressure washer is efficient, and can be satisfying. The high pressure means that you can easily get rid of all dirt, including mold, quickly. Its powerful pressure also means that, you use less water than an ordinary hose. Some statistics put the water savings at 80%.

However, to enjoy the benefits of a pressure washer, you need to use it the right way. To help you out, here are 6 tips for cleaning with a pressure washer.

1. Make sure it’s steady

To clean well with a pressure washer, you need to make sure that it is steady. This will allow you to clean systematically, from one point to the next. While your concentration plays a role in this, the type of washer you are using matters too. A pressure washer that has a strong nozzle can help you focus better on specific spots, when cleaning. Learn more from this article about pressure washers with the best nozzles.

2. Hold the nozzle close to the ground

The pressure from this washer can make it a little difficult to hold it steady in one place. To work more efficiently with it, try and hold the nozzle close to the surface. Not only will you cover more space faster, but you will also achieve better results. The quality of the nozzle also comes in handy at this point. Good quality ones have a good grip, making it easy for you to clean while holding it close to the surface. However, try and avoid getting too close to the surface. It could lead to tiger stripes and you don’t want that when cleaning.

3. Make use of cleaning detergents

When cleaning with a pressure washer, you will encounter some stains that are hard to come off. To get rid of them efficiently, add detergents to the cleaning liquid. A high-quality detergent coupled with the power of a pressure washer can eliminate even the toughest of stains. Just make sure to use high-quality detergents. It helps in getting the results you want.

4. Add brush attachments to the washer

While detergents can help, some stains simply won’t go away. For such stains, you can add a brush to the pressure washer. This can help you scrub, while at the same time using the water pressure as an assist, to getting rid of such stains.

5. Squeeze the trigger after use

One of the biggest causes of faults in pressure washers is inappropriate storage after use. For it to serve you for longer, always remember to squeeze the trigger, and release the pressure. Otherwise, the device will be consistently strained, and it won’t be long before it breaks.

6. Use the manual

Besides squeezing the trigger to get rid of the tension, there are other dos and don’ts when it comes to pressure washers. Make use of the manual to learn more about the rest. Not only will this help you take better care of the washer, but it can also help you clean better, and faster.