When You Have A Kid, It’s Summer Forever!

May 26 2017 | 0 comments


Guess what, we’re moving to our new house in a couple of days (OMG, it’s for real!!!) and while it’s already June and thus, rainy season in the country, it doesn’t feel quite so.

As I’m writing this article, my four-year-old daughter just requested to have the air conditioning turned on as it is too hot and humid to sleep throughout the night. We explained to her about how using it surges our power bills but, in the end, she won and planted a big smile on her face. Ha!

Then I reminded her that it won’t be like this in the new house because there are a lot of (financial) requirements needed to simply install an air conditioning unit there. So, how are we supposed to cool off during the horrendously humid days at home?

I was definitely thinking of getting an inflatable pool. Preferably one that’s big enough to fit two adults and two kiddos inside. Haha! I think it shouldn’t take long to convince the partner that one. What do you think?

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

I’m not quite sure with the subdivision’s rules about having a huge inflatable pool in the front yard but there’s always an option to get the smaller one. We had this given to us when the daughter was still a year old but some rat tore it (I think) and we decided to throw it away.

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

One of the perks we have about moving to our new house is that it’s slightly farther away from the city center and closer to beaches. Well, hellooooo water! We need to make sure we have our gears ready, right?

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

Or we can just really stay inside the house. And, while we can’t afford to have renovations inside just yet, I think we can pretty much set up this beautiful teepee inside the house for the daughter to chill in. It’s perfect for getting cozy while reading books or doing whatever she wants to do (color, paint, write, etc) and we can just get a smaller fan and point it her way. Woooot, summer all year round!

kids summer toys - summer rainforest 2017 - metro stores

Wondering where you can get all these awesome summer toys and goodies for kiddos? Head over to the Metro Stores!

Not only were we able to get books, toys and even summer kids’ wear, we also got most of the new items for our new house here. Cool, yeah? Of course, you can trust that there’s always something for you at the Metro Stores! 😉

Over to you: how do you maintain a summer-forever vibe at home with your kids?

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