10 Awesome Ways to Keep Kids Cool this Summer

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Summer isn’t over yet, especially here in hot and humid Philippines. In fact, with global warming (sadly) worsening, it’s summer all-year round with the temperatures surging between the months of March and May.

So, what’s a parent got to do? Find ways to stay cool, of course! And, as super stingy people (not really, but our pockets force us to be), we’ve come up with affordable ways — some are even free! — to do just that.

1. Hit the mountains

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We absolutely love the mountains but it’s been super hard considering that I’m pregnant right now (surprise, surprise!). Although the mountains here in Cebu are not that high, they still offer cool weather by a few degrees — a huge relief for city dwellers like us! Of course, you also have other choices such as visiting the mountain city of Baguio or climbing (higher) kid-friendly mountains around the country.

2. Hit the beach

The partner and the daughter both love the beach (I do, too, I just don’t know how to swim) and long for the day when they can just hit the waters every single morning. There are quite a handful of nearby beaches and islands you can head to around Cebu plus it’s super budget friendly, too.

3. Hit the malls

Recently, malls have been our best friend when it comes to staying cool and “fresh” over the summer. We usually visit the mall whenever we have errands to run but I love being able to stay there because of the free air conditioning! Yay! Plus, there are quite a number of malls in Cebu right now that offer playgrounds (indoor and outdoor, take your pick) so kids can run all day!

Sometimes, being able to pick a book is enough, too. (Like we did here in Metro Ayala. Haha!)

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4. Or soak in the water

We went on a staycation this week and loved being able to soak up in the pool. We chose a weekday so we had the place all to ourselves. Well, almost.

Summer Rainforest 2017 at the Metro Stores

Today’s summer OOTD is brought to you by the Metro Stores

Then again, if you do not have a lot of time or money to hit either these places, you can always get an inflatable pool and soak up all the day long.

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5. Go for frequent showers

If you don’t have these, have frequent trips to your bathroom instead. With everyone staying in, I think we’ve been averaging 2-3 baths every day. This could mean that your water bill will slightly go up but the level of comfort you get is worth it plus you can always follow tips on how to lessen that (like using a pail and dipper instead of the shower, for example).

6. Stay under the shade

Or you can just stay under the shade. This advice has been overused but it certainly helps if you run errands early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the temperature is much cooler. These days, because of the heat and my pregnancy, we find ourselves taking advantage of Grab and Uber rides as it lessens the time we have to stay under the heat plus it’s more comfortable to ride in when you’re stuck in traffic.

7. Stay hydrated

Heat stroke is a serious risk these past months so make sure you keep yourself and your young ones hydrated all the time. Eight glasses of water are the recommended intake daily but you can also go for other thirst quenchers — just make sure to keep an eye on your sugar intake.

8. Treat yourself with something cool

I looooove ice cream and could never stay away from it even if I am pregnant. The partner prefers cool fruit treats though plus the daughter loves munching on watermelon and cucumbers. Yum!

9. Take it slow

The heat has been seriously slowing me down these past few days. Plus I think it’s doubly hot when you’re pregnant. When you can’t beat ‘em, the only thing that you can really do is join ‘em. In this case, take it slow and avoid doing strenuous activities especially during very hot days.

10. It’s all in your clothing

When you’re staying in hot and humid Philippines, one of the best ways to stay cool is to keep your clothing light and comfortable. You obviously can’t go walking around the city in thick, winter clothes, right?

When it comes to the latest in summer clothes for kiddos, we always run to the Metro (there are several in Cebu but the one in Ayala Center is our personal favorite since it’s the most convenient for us) to find some really great deals. I’ve been eyeing on getting the daughter a pair of summer-y shorts for a while now and finally found a great pair that was stylish and still easy on the pocket.

Trust me, when it comes to everything from kids’ OOTDs to items for the house (we did some shopping recently), there’s always something for you at the Metro Stores! 😉

Of course, what’s an OOTD without a top, right? Someone obviously had a grand time choosing her summer wear that aren’t leggings and long sleeves (for camping/hiking purposes). Plus, we also made sure to get something for her to swim in! Perfect!

Summer Rainforest 2017 at the Metro Stores

OOTD brought to you by The Metro Stores. Boots not included.

Summer Rainforest 2017 at the Metro Stores

Here’s a very raw video of our quick shopping around Metro. Someone clearly enjoyed choosing clothes for herself, huh?

We also had the chance to test out the summer-y outfit on a hot and humid night in the city. No worries about sweating it out because this ensemble is the most comfortable of all! Looks very trendy, too! 🙂

What about you? What’s your favorite cooling off idea this summer?

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