Hello, everyone! It’s Do Tuesday and I just wanted to share with you this really great product to add to your photo wall.

I’m not sure if I have made it clear on this site that I love pictures. Well, I haven’t been doing a lot of picture-taking lately but I love collecting printed pictures especially the instant ones. I actually have two Instax cameras, one mini and one wide. I’ve also gotten a Polaroid camera but have yet to purchase a film which I could not afford just yet. Of course, my first ever purchase was a 35mm film camera that had no flash because it was the cheapest. Haha!

I’m pretty sure you also love taking pictures not just on your cameras but even in your phones and as much as you would have loved to put all those pretty pictures inside the fancy Polaroid-ish/Instax-ish frames, they can be pretty expensive, right? Photo walls like these look really creative but they hurt the pocket. Anyway, I was able to find an alternative. It requires a metallic surface to stick on though but it’s quite cheap if I do say so myself.

Make sure to read on until the end of the post to find out how you could get a discount, too.

Yes, say hello to my PicStick pictures! Am I not such a proud mama? Haha! Of course, I grabbed the opportunity to have pictures of the daughter printed out.

So, how exactly did the pictures go? Well, they were a little grainy and dark but it was probably because of the lighting of the original picture. And also because some of the pictures were taken using my camera’s phone.

I got these prints about two months ago so I totally forgot how the process went. As for their delivery time, PicStick was dead on in their 5-10 day estimate for countries outside the UK (1-2 days), EU (3-5 days) and US (5-10 days). Blame it on our local post office – the item was shipped on September 11 and as per the stamp on the envelope, it came to Cebu on September 23. I just got the mail a few days ago, the envelope slightly crumpled and the edges torn. In case you get things worse than mine, PicStick promises that “if you’re not entirely happy with your PicSticks or they are damaged/lost in transit then we’ll send you some more immediately – no fussing or quibbling“.

I did check it again, anyway, and found out that while you can crop the images, there is a limit allowed. Further cropping would result to a poor print. That’s probably why. So, as a heads-up, the photos are about 2 by 3 inches – make sure to have them around that size.

Aside from uploading pictures from your computer, you can also get pictures from your Facebook or Dropbox albums. Isn’t that neat? Especially if you have your Instagram connected to your Facebook like me.

The best news about PicStick is that it just costs £9.50/$14.99 (around 670PHP) for a sheet of 9 pictures. Then you can use it as an event souvenir, giveaway or just as a photo gift. An even better news, they ship WORLDWIDE at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

And, as a gift to my dear readers, PicStick has also offered to give a 25% discount until the 5th of November. So, hurry and get your PicStick right now and then enter the code below during checkout:


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Disclosure: I was given a free product from PicStick in exchange for an honest review.