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I’ve been blogging on and off since around 2004 but prior to 2013, the blogs that I set up were nothing more than an online journal where I just wrote about random teenage stuff. I bought this domain once again back in 2013 because I wanted it to be an online resource for first-time moms but getting it out there was hard. If there was one thing I learned about blogging it’s that no person is an island — and boy, was I glad to join a local blogging community in Cebu. Why? The boost to my blog and the connections I made in just a month was so much more than I was able to get in the past two years of a solo effort.

CBC Bloggers Invites You to the Cebu Blogging Summit 2015! | Hey, Miss Adventures!

If you’ve been wanting to blog but can’t find any reason why you should or if you’ve been in the online world for some time now but can’t get that much-awaited ‘break’, this is your chance to learn more about this awesome industry.


The Cebu Blogging Summit is an annual gathering of the best bloggers and social media influencers in Cebu — and those who are planning to become one — to share and learn more about the craft and the best practices on creating and attaining an online media presence.

This year’s theme is #CBClevelup: Cebu Bloggers 2.0 (Cebu Bloggers as Thought Leaders and Opinion Makers) and the objective is to empower bloggers to become thought leaders, social media influencers and opinion makers. The organizers aim to encourage more bloggers to become empowering online personalities in the province.

We have been encouraging the bloggers in Cebu Blogging Community to level up and venture on things within the realm of blogging such as digital marketing, content writing and entrepreneurship. Honing the skills may take time. But this is where the managers and leads of the blogging community regard the opportunities to support other bloggers in the spirit of social good. – Bjornson Bernales, Chairman of the Cebu Blogging Summit 2015 organizing team


I am personally excited about the upcoming Cebu Blogging Summit 2015, happening on December 12, 2015 because there is so much to learn.

The event starts at 10AM with a keynote speech from Amor Maclang of GeiserMaclang. Participants can then choose among three “Unconferences” depending on the topics they are most interested in.

Unconference 1 talks about the basics including starting a blog with WordPress and Blogspot.

Unconference 2 is on growing and expanding your blog. This includes selecting a niche as well as becoming an authority writer.

Unconference 3 goes further and talks about blog monetization. If you want to learn more about Google Adsense and other monetization strategies that bloggers make, this one is for you.

There will also be talks on Sustainable Blogging which includes topics such as how blogging has changed one’s life and how to grow an FB page with 50K likes with just a 2000PHP budget.

In the afternoon, there will be talks on becoming social media influencers especially since the 2016 Philippine Elections are fast approaching. Open forums and talks with personalities in the Philippine blogosphere and politics will be held at this point. Among the invited guests include Team UNA, Team BOPK, Liberal Party and One Cebu.

Participants are also treated to free snacks and lunch. Isn’t that awesome?


Cebu Blogging Summit 2015 is presented by eStrat Media and co-presented by PLDT Home.


December 12, 2015 | Saturday
10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Century Plaza Hotel


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For inquiries, contact Bjorn Bernales at [email protected] or on mobile at 0947-094-0350.

About Cebu Blogging Community

Cebu Blogging Community (CBC) is a community-driven group formed to unite bloggers in Cebu under a collective purpose.

CBC aims to establish camaraderie among bloggers, improve blogging skills of members, and provide support to bloggers aspiring to reach the top of their respective niches. The community embraces social responsibility by providing great content that promotes social awareness.