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Hi, We’re Pam, Niño & Asha!

We’re a semi-nomadic family who loves to hike, camp and backpack. Check out our online journal as we conquer the world one (mis) adventure at a time!

Our Latest (Mis) Adventures

6 Awesome Places Around Cebu for Some (Outdoor) Family Fun

A lot has changed for our little family in the past two years. But, even though our travel plans are on hold for the next few months (we are quite sure it won't last until the next year), it does not mean that going out of the house will be completely restricted. We...

Traveling Now VS. Traveling Later — Which One is For You?

I’m quite sure you’ve seen this circulating in your Facebook news feed these past few weeks. I’m talking about the endless debate that (mostly) carefree millennials go through: do you travel the world now or do it later? I’ve seen many types of content tackling this...