Urban Hiking With A Toddler (Under the Midday Sun)

urban hiking with a toddler, cebu

The partner and I have longed for a chance to go camping yet again. It has been N months since our last one in Sirao Peak and we were itching to go some place else if only to get away from our busy work schedules.

But alas, reality comes up and you have to deal with long hours at the office, erratic work schedules, budget constraints and, just this weekend, the weather. We were raring to go last Saturday and had even already packed up the night before. Except that the skies were all gloomy and gray that Saturday morning and it felt like Senyang was just getting ready to lash out its fury any time.

We would never settle for experience over safety – not especially when there is a toddler involved. So, we stayed at home to, well, catch a lot of well-deserved sleep.
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Here Comes The Sun Part 2

Here Comes The Sun, Part 1

When we arrived at the hospital at around 7:30AM, we went straight to the emergency room where I was given a wheelchair to sit on. Really, these things do no help, in any way, to alleviate the pain during contractions. Nevertheless, the partner wheeled me to the elevator so we could go to the third level of the building where the maternity section was located.

My hospital experience was not the most pleasant of all. Since the nurses saw that I was already in a lot of pain (I have no idea how they knew I was fully dilated by then – no one ever did an internal exam on me, not even my OB during prenatal visits). I went straight into a “dressing room” where one of the nurses/midwives told me to change my clothes into a hospital gown (by change it means to take off all pieces of clothing in your body and get yourself into that thin piece of hospital clothing).

I did my best to hurry up but it was difficult since my contractions had gotten closer and even more pronounced. This time, I finally felt how it is to have contractions. I told the nurse/midwife that I could no longer go on because my stomach was too painful to even stand up straight. She scolded me anyway telling me that it was my fault since I had to wait that long before going to the hospital. Like, seriously?

Finally, I was able to change into the right clothes. The nurse/midwife directed me to the delivery room. Yep, I never had the chance to hang out at the labor room actually. I sure was ready to go.
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Here Comes The Sun Part 1

Finally. The day has come to put my daughter’s birth story into writing – after almost ten months, that is.

This birth story is something I have been itching to write about because it makes me proud because 1) it makes me feel like superwoman, superior to all of the opposite gender and 2) my baby’s birth, I’m sure, is an experience not many women go through and thus makes it an envy of many. Haha.


It was a usual weekday morning, except that I woke up much earlier than usual – before the break of dawn. The partner had already gotten up because I had been very irritable because of the heat (blame it on the pregnancy hormones) and because he felt a little more energetic since it was his rest day.

He was watching Youtube videos (as far as I could remember, anyway) when I complained about my tummy being painful. It was probably around 4 or 5AM then. I wasn’t sure if it was something related to labor pains since we were not expecting the baby until two weeks after. Plus, those Braxton-Hicks contractions was something I never really experienced, in my opinion, so I had no idea how such pains felt. But I think I just have a pretty high pain tolerance. I thought I only needed a trip to the toilet. It was something seemingly out of the ordinary that I even got to request the partner to play a video of a local showbiz artist singing a foreign song in a daring and controversial outfit.

I was able to go back to sleep for a few minutes after that but my tummy had gone really painful that I thought I really needed to make that trip to the bathroom.

I did, in fact, and was quite successful. But the pain did not really subside and I wondered what it was.

My mom then woke up and was surprised to see both of us awake when she checked up on us. The partner told her about my pain and my mom told me it was probably just gas in my stomach.
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Holiday Gift Guide: Travel-Themed Kits and Games for Kids and Families on the Go!

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I wanted to share a short getaway today but unfortunately, that trip didn’t push through for the nth time. There has been a lot of drama going on over the weekend and the city also experienced some really heavy rains resulting to us staying home the entire weekend.

So, anyway, I just wanted to share these great finds I’ve discovered over the weekend (as a result of the typhoon). Black Friday and – gasp! – Cyber Monday deals are still around and with the holidays just around the corner, I’m pretty sure you’ve been thinking about doing some gift shopping.

Here are a few great travel-themed gifts you could give out to your kids. (I super envy them and kinda wish that the daughter was slightly older. No I take that back. We’ll wait out til she’s old enough to actually have some of these things.)

Source: http://www.houzz.com/photos/4887172/World-Map-with-Pin-Drops-Wall-Decal-contemporary-decals


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A Round-Up of the Best and Biggest #Thanksgiving, #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday Deals for You and Your Family!

Hey, guys! It’s Thanksgiving today! While I may not be American nor do I live in the United States, I realized around an hour ago how great Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales can be. Seriously though, I just bought a new Kindle for $30 off its regular price which is super awesome considering that shipping to the Philippines costs about half of the value of the product itself.

Anyway, I just wanted to share out a few deals that I have found to be great. I’m pretty sure many of you would love to grab the opportunity to save money over the holidays, right? So without further ado:

Oh, this post contains affiliate links and a few exclusive deals that are only available to the readers of Hey, Miss Adventures! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you could use these links to make your purchase, as it would definitely help in the maintenance of this site. Happy Thanksgiving!
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