How Important Is It To Be Insured?


A majority of the population here in the Philippines are not insurance believers. They do have a point there – when your earnings could barely allow you to get by and let your family eat a decent meal three times a day, why would you want to pay for something that may or may not be used? In traditional life insurance, it is either you live past the point of the policy’s duration that you do not get any out of it or you die within the period and still not get any (because only the beneficiaries receive them).

Long before I had the chance of being sold an insurance policy and before I had a baby, I have always regarded these policies as highly important, mostly due to American TV series influence. There were many situations (in different shows) that show a typical teenager who would do what they can to work just to be able to pay their car insurance premiums. Why the need?
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Of Surprises and Unexpected Things

Two red lines that will change my life forever. 


On the 18th day of July 2012, I came to the office feeling a little sick. Maybe more than a little – I felt nauseated and was not even able to make it inside the office before I started vomiting. A few staff from the company beside our office saw me vomit on the drainage area right in front of their office door. That was embarrassing but whatever.
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FYI (For Your Intellect and Imagination): 2014 Reading Challenges

I love reading and it’s probably the reason why my long-held views and perceptions on parenting and education, travel and finance have made a 180-degree turn in the recent months.

Unfortunately, adult life gets in the way and there are responsibilities to be taken care of first before I could prop myself in a comfortable seat and devour on a book. Once in a while, though, while on a break at work or when the daughter is asleep, I try to sneak in a few minutes of my time to get my imagination going. There are also times I read on more mature books (not the kind you are probably thinking) that talk about reality and responsibility.

At the start of the year, I challenged myself to 100 books for 2014, which roughly translates to about two books a week. As expected, I am way behind schedule. According to Goodreads, I have only read 15 out of the 100 books (15%) and am 40 books behind schedule. Yikes! That’s a lot of books to make up for.

goodreads reading challenge 2014

goodreads reading challenge 2014

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#MyAirbnbBucketList Dream Spaces Edition

In the recent months, the partner and I have become very critical when it comes to looking at houses and spaces. It’s probably because of the need to find a nest for our little family.


Beachfront Villa in Bali, Indonesia

Almost everyday, I daydream about our forever house (because we’re now a step closer to our teeny tiny starter home but that’s our secret, okay?) and how I hope to DIY its interiors. Of course, the ultimate dream would be to build the home from the ground up with the partner but that would entail a lot of planning, sketching and, not to mention, rendering a gazillion hours of manual labor and love into it.


A beautiful casa in Sao Paolo, Brazil

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Encouraging Your Kid’s Gross Motor Skills Development

 encouraging gross motor skills development in toddlers

Let me share with you a few of Asha’s physical milestones. I couldn’t remember when exactly she started holding up her head while on her tummy but I do remember telling the partner to let her have some tummy time (I was always too scared to put her in that position), just to help encourage her neck muscles’ development. At almost eight months, she finally started crawling with the help of a baby board book – in Japanese!

When we read about respectful parenting, we decided to let her develop the ability to sit without intervention. I had become slightly worried with not seeing her doing that when she was already six months (hey, a mom can’t help it when she wants to compete, so sorry). We decided to prop her up once in a while just to encourage her to sit down – and it did. (No offense to RIE though, we actually practice their other principles in other aspects of parenting.)

She started walking a few steps before her first birthday and a few weeks after the celebration, she actually started walking by herself at greater distances. This was mostly through the help of my brother who would stop by our room, bring her to a distance and encourage her to walk by herself to her dad.

These milestones are actually the step-by-step development of a person’s gross motor skills. But, what are they, you ask?
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