#FamiliesOutside: An Interview with Baby Globetrotters

#FamiliesOutside: An Interview with Baby Globetrotters | Hey, Miss Adventures!

Hello, everyone!

Here’s another episode of #FamiliesOutside and today we are interviewing Keri from Baby Globetrotters.

1. Give us a short background of your family.

We are a family of five with three young children – 5, 3 and just turned 1.  Originally from Australia, my husband and I spent many years ‘doing the London thing’ and travelling to Europe every spare weekend before kids came along.  We thought we were ready to head back home after the Olympics in 2012 and start living a more settled life in my home town of Perth, but then the next adventure began – hubby was offered a job in Abu Dhabi, UAE.   We love living I this central hub of the world and know for sure we are destined to be an expat family!

2. Do you travel full time or part time? When did you start and why?

We never stopped travelling in our spare time after we had kids; though things did slow down a lot (I had terrible morning sickness with my first two!). My husband works full time so we can only travel abroad when he has leave, but we also get a lot of public holidays in the UAE so we’re able to squeeze in lots of long weekends as well whenever we can.  We are on the road or in the air about two months of the year, with the hottest part of the year back home in Australia.

#FamiliesOutside: An Interview with Baby Globetrotters | Hey, Miss Adventures!