My Experience So Far With The Ultimate DIY Bundle

I love DIYing. But, apparently, I have yet to find the time (and the energy) to actually get my projects done. Would you believe some of those holiday laziness still has not rub off of me until now?

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of the Ultimate DIY Bundle¬†until now then you probably just don’t hear great news a lot, do you? It’s actually a collection of ebooks, ecourses and other bonuses worth around $1200 and on sale for just $34.95. But here’s the catch, it’s only up until 11:59 today so you probably only have only an hour to do something about it.

Now, what got me into getting my own bundle? Check this out – you get a FREE Craftsy class along with your ebooks. Now, isn’t that amazing?

The partner and I bought our first-ever DSLR camera a little over a year ago (and I’m not sure when our second one will come haha) but we still haven’t gotten to using it to its full potential. The partner experiments his way around the intimidating gadget but I don’t. I use automatic settings for all my pictures all the time.¬†I know, I should have just gotten myself a point-and-shoot, no?

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Just A Few Quick Updates

Hello, everyone!

If you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been to this little space on the web for sometime now. The first two weeks of January has given me a full-blown holiday hangover plus there were a few more dramas in life, too. I couldn’t even do work right. Haha.

Right now, I have some deadlines to catch up which has forced my body (and mind and heart) to shift to work mode. I’m still in no mood for a real post but I just wanted to pop in to give a few quick updates on the blog.

1) I’ve been wanting so badly to finish the revamping task on this site for so long now. Now, I finally have some motivation but it could mean that I will have to take a short pause on creating content to focus on the code tweaking (or not).
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Holiday Gift Guide: Great Gifts to Give to Kids All Year-Round!

Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links help in the maintenance of this site. Thank you for your support!

It’s already past Christmas, at least in my side of the world, but it doesn’t mean the gift giving stops already. In fact, I think that giving gifts should be a year-round thing because it reduces fools you into thinking that you’ve spent less when it’s scattered in the 365 days. I think no-occasion gifts are also more special.

Anyway, I just really wanted to share a few things that I’d love to get my daughter sooner or later. If you’re still not sure what to give out your kids for the holidays from my travel-themed gift guide, here’s a more general list for you. Enjoy!
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Weekend Overnight Family Getaway at Chalet Hills, Busay

If you follow me at this site’s fan page or my personal Facebook, you may have known that our secondhand Kelty baby carrier just arrived (review on that to come in the later days). We’ve been itching to test out how it works for us and we’ve also wanted to camp out for months now since our last camping session.

Finally, we were able to push through with our plans last Saturday, when the weather finally cleared up. We went there as a family and while it can be a struggle not having other friends to help us out with our load and with directions, it was still a fun experience for us.

Our afternoon began with a trip to Mountain View in Busay where the partner’s officemates were holding their Christmas party. We stayed for a few hours and, well, someone enjoyed dipping in the cool waters at the mountain resort’s pool.

swiss chalet, chalet hills busay, babag 2, cebu

swiss chalet, chalet hills busay, babag 2, cebu

We finally went our way at around 5:30pm, which was already late. We had to set up camp at our destination (which we haven’t been to yet) and we did not have any headlamp. Yikes.
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Urban Hiking With A Toddler (Under the Midday Sun)

urban hiking with a toddler, cebu

The partner and I have longed for a chance to go camping yet again. It has been N months since our last one in Sirao Peak and we were itching to go some place else if only to get away from our busy work schedules.

But alas, reality comes up and you have to deal with long hours at the office, erratic work schedules, budget constraints and, just this weekend, the weather. We were raring to go last Saturday and had even already packed up the night before. Except that the skies were all gloomy and gray that Saturday morning and it felt like Senyang was just getting ready to lash out its fury any time.

We would never settle for experience over safety – not especially when there is a toddler involved. So, we stayed at home to, well, catch a lot of well-deserved sleep.
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