When Reality Hits You Hard

The magic date was July 18, 2012 – the day I found out that I was *probably* pregnant after trying out two pregnancy test kits. I was still unconvinced though and simply let time pass by. It was until November 13, 2012 – around four months after – that I decided to face my fears.

I had not been feeling well over the weekend, perhaps, and was experiencing some pains in the joints of my hands and was running slight fever, too. The year before, sometime in December, I had similar symptoms and after a visit to the doctor, found out that I had measles.

This time, however, the concern is heightened. If I was truly pregnant (yes, I was still not convinced even after testing positive twice or after vomiting twice a day, two times a week although thankfully only for about a month or two or after noticing a slight bump somewhere in my tummy area) and I really had measles, then the baby growing inside me could be in serious trouble.
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Top Five Things To Prepare For When Backpacking With An Infant

travelling with infants, backpacking with infants

The partner and I are, by no means, experts in travelling with an infant. In fact, I could safely say that we only had about three major travels: to Leyte, to Palawan and to Davao. While our trips to Leyte and Davao were backpacker-style to some degrees, our Palawan trip had been slightly in comfort since we had my parents with us. We also went to Negros Oriental when our daughter was just three months but we went there in a private car and stayed at our relative’s house.

Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that there are some necessities you have to be prepared for if you want your backpacking experience to go as smoothly and hassle-free as possible for both parents and child.

Here are the top things that we learned in our travels over the past year:
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How Important Is It To Be Insured?


A majority of the population here in the Philippines are not insurance believers. They do have a point there – when your earnings could barely allow you to get by and let your family eat a decent meal three times a day, why would you want to pay for something that may or may not be used? In traditional life insurance, it is either you live past the point of the policy’s duration that you do not get any out of it or you die within the period and still not get any (because only the beneficiaries receive them).

Long before I had the chance of being sold an insurance policy and before I had a baby, I have always regarded these policies as highly important, mostly due to American TV series influence. There were many situations (in different shows) that show a typical teenager who would do what they can to work just to be able to pay their car insurance premiums. Why the need?
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Of Surprises and Unexpected Things

Two red lines that will change my life forever.

pregnancy test

On the 18th day of July 2012, I came to the office feeling a little sick. Maybe more than a little – I felt nauseated and was not even able to make it inside the office before I started vomiting. A few staff from the company beside our office saw me vomit on the drainage area right in front of their office door. That was embarrassing but whatever.
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