A Day Hike in the Rain: How to Enjoy the Water

Warning: This post is long and has a gazillion pictures. I couldn’t choose fewer and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’d love it though – full of greens and browns: WELCOME TO THE PHILIPPINES! :)

A Day Hike in the Rain (#ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Water Challenge) || heymissadventures.com

It has been some time since I last shared any hiking/camping trip up the mountains but I definitely have a lot of stories to share in the coming Mondays – do make sure you stay tuned for that.

Today I’m sharing a recent day hike (our very first ever as a family) and it definitely was a blast! The way I’ll be sharing it to you is slightly different because this month, I decided to try out Grounded and Surrounded’s #ETHANProject.

ETHAN actually stands for Enjoy The Here And Now, a summer challenge (since they are based from the US) for mom bloggers so they are able to enjoy and stay sane during those critical two months when the kids are not in school. The challenge is now on its fourth week, which focuses on Enjoying the Water. You can read more about the #ETHANProject here or the past challenges: Week#1: Enjoy Friendship, Week#2: Enjoy the View (this post could totally fall under that, too) and Week#3: Enjoy the Flavor.

As a background for this week’s challenge:

#ETHAN Project: Enjoy the Water Challenge || heymissadventures.com

Now, our take on this challenge is totally different from what you guys might think about enjoying the water. You probably have some clue now, don’t you?

You see, while the US is now starting to enjoy their warm summers – here on the other side of the planet (in the Philippines), we have just started entering the rainy season. Yes, you guessed that right! We’re totally enjoying the water – despite the flood and mud – since we’ve been on a dry spell for some weeks now.

So here’s our story: