Preparations for the Blogapalooza 2014 Conference

It is finally official: I will be joining the Blogapalooza 2014 happening at SM Aura this weekend!

Blogapalooza blogger event

I have been feeling giddy about this event for a few weeks now – the partner had given me his sign of approval last month but I hadn’t made things official until the other day, when I finally booked my plane ticket bound for Manila.

This Blogapalooza 2014 event is actually my first ever. I have been to a few events around the city that are made accessible to the public and I invite myself in so I could blog about it. But, I have never been to any blogger-centered event before moreover one that allows making connections with businesses.

As a first timer, I’m sharing a few things that I hope I would not fail to bring come Saturday.
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Momble PH: The Newest Online Hangout for Mommies (and Daddies)!

I have been frequenting a local forum site for a few years now. I thought it already gives access to all information – but that was until I become a mom. You see, in the Philippines, forums and sites directed to parents, especially the first-time ones, are few and far between.

Sure, there are little treasures in the Internet that you could find (and sometimes forget) but wouldn’t it be even better if there was this one place where you could ask any and every parenting question you can think of and also get pieces of advice and recommendations that would truly fit you? Reading US or Manila based blogs is great but nothing beats having information customized to your preferences up to the last detail.

momble philippines, social media site for mommies and daddies

Momble Philippines, which also has forums for parents in Australia, and the UK, among many others, is a social media site designed for parents, especially the mommies. Becoming a mother and taking care of another human being(s) is hard work – if you want to keep your sanity, finding support and encouragement from fellow moms can help a lot.

What’s in it for you?

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Taking the Road Less Travelled: Camping at Sirao Peak

camping at sirao peak mt. kan-irag ayala heights cebu philippines

Sirao Peak (also known as Mt. Kan-irag), 700+ MASL
The nearest – and also the easiest – way to get there is through a 30-minute walk from Ayala Heights but you can always take a more challenging route, if you like. From JY Square, you can simply hire a habal-habal (motorcycle) to get you to Ayala Heights or even to the foot of Mt. Kan-irag, if you want to save even more time.

camping at sirao peak mt. kan-irag ayala heights cebu philippines

The Experience

It was already dark when we arrived at Ayala Heights to Sirao Peak but thankfully had friends to fetch us from there to help us with our load and shed us some light, literally. We took the road less travelled, yes, because we had a toddler in tow (by less travelled we mean not popular as a means of climbing up; but most trekkers take this route when going down from the peak). We would not compromise safety over experience – the trail that our friends took involve walking over slippery rocks beside a gushing waterfall. Even if we did have a backpack carrier with us, we still would not take that route if we were to bring our daughter along.
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Why You Should Not Be Getting Your Ultimate Health Bundle

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Living the natural way can be such a burden to many, including myself. What with all the hurdles of modern city living – why the need to resist? It’s so much better and painless, too, when you just all continue living our own unhealthy lives, right?

Now that the Ultimate Health Bundle is here – and only here for 6 days (TODAY’S THE LAST, TOO) – do you really need to join in on the bandwagon? What is the fuss really all about? Here are ways to convince you why you should not be getting your own bundle, a $1030 value – complete with ebooks, ecourses and other bonuses – selling only for $29.97 until 09/15 11:59PM EST.

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The Prenatal Visit Health Checklist

Pregnancy can be quite a herculian task but the plus side is that you get to reap the best reward at the end of it all.

It is not to say, of course, that the nine months my baby had been in my tummy was a big burden. I didn’t even notice the days and the months pass by. I started really taking care of myself at five months (entering third trimester). But I guess I was also one of those lucky women whose pregnancy isn’t high risk.

The Pregnancy Checklist (Borrowed)

The Pregnancy Checklist (Borrowed)

What are the most important things being monitored when you are pregnant?
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