A few people have asked us what we use for blogging as well as all travel-related things (flight+accommodation bookings, money, gears, etc) and we’ve decided to come up with a page that shares just that. The resources we use will change with time but I do hope that they stay useful to you in your own traveling and blogging endeavors.



It was in 2009 when I first purchased domain and hosting for my blog. I used the following:

  • GoDaddy* (domain) – starts at ₱49 or ~US$1 from a .com
  • HostGator* (hosting) –  starts at US$3.95 per month

Currently, this blog uses the following:

  • Namecheap* (domain) – they have regular monthly deals and sometimes have huge discounts (in 2013, I purchased this domain for just US$1 for the first year + 1 month free hosting); they currently have a KINGCOM SALE at US$5.88 per year, regular price is US$10.69 per year
  • Coffee Mags(hosting) – these are managed by my friends and former colleagues; very affordable at just US$1 per month, that’s around ₱1,000+ for a year including domain purchase

I also have other blogs (I hoard them) that use the following setup:

  • Bluehost* (hosting) – plans start at just $3.95 per month but can go higher as your need for website space increases
  • Hosting Visa* (hosting) – this is also another local provider; starter plan starts at ₱420 per month with unlimited domains and 1GB bandwidth allocation


  • For DIYers (and even if you are not), I highly suggest you learn the science of design. It’s a make or break thing! I highly recommend Design Your Own Blog‘s Blog Beautiful Ebook* which is full of detailed steps on how to make your blog look pleasing to the eyes of your audience.




  • Lonely Planet* – awesome guidebooks. ’nuff said.
  • TrekEffect – free service for planning travel with friends and family; you can also find me guest posting at their blog from time to time
  • Trello* – an collaborative organization app; perfect not just for travel planning but also for dividing tasks at work, too
  • Trip Advisor* – I love reading recommendations about a place from fellow travelers here



  • Air Asia – low-cost airline carrier in the Philippines
  • Cebu Pacific – our most preferred low-cost airline carrier in the Philippines
  • Expedia* – covers international flights as well as accommodations


  • Agoda* and Booking* – among the cheapest places to book accommodations
  • Trusted Housesitters*– housesit in exchange for free accommodation
  • AirBnB* (get ₱950 travel credits when you use this link)

Disclosure: All links containing asterisks are affiliate links. Any purchases made through these links will earn us a commission – at no additional expense to you! – and will help in paying for the maintenance of this blog. Know that we only recommend products that we use and/or highly believe in. Thank you very much for your continued support!