Finally. The day has come to put my daughter’s birth story into writing – after almost ten months, that is.

This birth story is something I have been itching to write about because it makes me proud because 1) it makes me feel like superwoman, superior to all of the opposite gender and 2) my baby’s birth, I’m sure, is an experience not many women go through and thus makes it an envy of many. Haha.


It was a usual weekday morning, except that I woke up much earlier than usual – before the break of dawn. The partner had already gotten up because I had been very irritable because of the heat (blame it on the pregnancy hormones) and because he felt a little more energetic since it was his rest day.

He was watching Youtube videos (as far as I could remember, anyway) when I complained about my tummy being painful. It was probably around 4 or 5AM then. I wasn’t sure if it was something related to labor pains since we were not expecting the baby until two weeks after. Plus, those Braxton-Hicks contractions was something I never really experienced, in my opinion, so I had no idea how such pains felt. But I think I just have a pretty high pain tolerance. I thought I only needed a trip to the toilet. It was something seemingly out of the ordinary that I even got to request the partner to play a video of a local showbiz artist singing a foreign song in a daring and controversial outfit.

I was able to go back to sleep for a few minutes after that but my tummy had gone really painful that I thought I really needed to make that trip to the bathroom.

I did, in fact, and was quite successful. But the pain did not really subside and I wondered what it was.

My mom then woke up and was surprised to see both of us awake when she checked up on us. The partner told her about my pain and my mom told me it was probably just gas in my stomach.

When it was already bright outside, the partner and I decided to take a walk outside the house to see if the pain would go away after. It became more pronounced and came in regular intervals as well (the type that your body could sort-of predict). But really, the pain was tolerable – like a regular stomachache.

It was almost 7AM then when we had started preparing for the day: all of us go to work in the morning, except for the partner who takes night shifts. I sent my close friend from work a text to tell her that I might not be able to go to work because I was not feeling well. My mom told me to prepare anyway to have myself checked about the stomach pain.

I took a rest after our walks and even had the chance to eat a bit and trim my nails. When my mom told me to prepare, I made a visit to the bathroom again and confirmed what my mom had suspected (it never really crossed my mind yet because it scared me then): there was blood. I shouted to my mom about it and made a conscious effort to take a proper bath including shampooing my hair.

I think this was a very funny part, really, finding the time to shampoo in between painful contractions. Haha. I had really long hair then, halfway to the waist, so I thought that if I gave birth that day, it would feel very uncomfortable with my hair sticking with sweat to my skin. I took a bath right away.

As I was changing to the right clothes to deliver in, I even had the time to change my Facebook status:

Rule 1 when in labor: Make sure your Facebook status is updated

Rule 1 when in labor: Make sure your Facebook status is updated

Ahh mao naba kaha ni [Ahh..I wonder if this is it (delivering the baby)].
Yes folks, I actually had the time and the focus to do that even through contractions with five-minute intervals.

By then, the partner was almost in panic mode (a word of warning to would-be fathers). I was also panicking too, considering that the baby’s clothes have neither been washed nor packed. I took out all the clothes the baby had, asked the partner to get a bag, picked out a few items and tossed them in. The rest of the baby clothes lay on our bedroom floor covered in the ABC rubber mats for babies.

The trip to the hospital from the house was probably a 30-minute ride in medium traffic. Thank goodness it was still before 8AM so the streets were not yet at its busiest, but busy nevertheless. It was then it sank in my mind the reality of all – I was giving birth in a few hours, maybe even minutes.

We arrived at the hospital at around 7:30AM probably, even with my dad’s constant honking and hazard signals on the way – the people just didn’t get the emergency and couldn’t see my squealing and grimacing face. Haha. It’s funny to note how panicked my dad and partner had been on the way, too. During contractions, I would shout (some were dramatic but some were really realistic). It was hard to stop yourself from making a “push” when you feel like you had the urge, too. My mom and partner kept me focused and I tried to remember the breathing exercises that I read online and practiced.


To be continued…