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In the 24 years that I have lived in Cebu, I never really experienced the “fun stuff” that a lot of my friends have tried during the Sinulog festivities. Now that I have my partner (who shares the same passion for fun, adventure and music with me, by the way), I finally had the chance to go on a pre-Sinulog celebration through Sonic Boom.

Sonic Boom Philippines is an event spearheaded by a Manila-based company called Built by Sonic. According to a shirt my friend bought from them last Saturday, Sonic Boom has come up with gigs that do not suck since 2001. And last Saturday’s was my first. Haha.

le partner and friends

le partner and friends

...and then with me!

…and then with me!

The partner has attended these events probably since they started but failed to do so last year because 1) he was on duty and 2) he can’t go without me and I was already 8 months pregnant last year. In 2011, we planned to go together, which should have been my first but I have problems with asking permission from my parents to go out during the night and be home until after…well, the wee hours of the morning. I was already 22 then which has technically placed me in the adult group. Armf.

So there. My ticket was ready but I was never able to go. Sob.

It’s no wonder why I got really excited to go to the event two days ago. Finally. Plus, one of our (partner and I) favorite local band, Urbandub was playing, too.

Concert starts at 12 noon high but we got there at around 9:30 already. We didn’t know a lot of the bands and we were sure the more famous ones will be at the bottom of the list, so…

The concert was held at a rather posh hotel which I could not really imagine in my head (posh meets rocker audience) until after we got inside. The entrance was a rather long journey – we had to go through most of the hotel restaurants. After getting through the event entrance, we saw tattoo stalls. The event also held Pinatikai, which is a tattoo contest.

The main venue was pretty big – there were lots of people and lots of local stores that printed shirts. They were rather pricey, though, so we decided not to buy one. Maybe some other time. There were some pretty good shirt brands, though.

Beers were priced at 100PHP (~2USD) per 2 cups. Haha. That makes 50PHP (~1USD) a cup, I know, but their minimum is 2 cups per purchase. Sheesh. That’s just a single shot. It was totally different from what the partner tells me about Sonic Boom gigs – unlimited free beers that could get you puking in hours. Hahaha.

But, the only sad thing about this much anticipated event is that it was really bad. No really, the sound system was really bad, I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as I had expected. Sure there were two setups on the stage but even then, it would take the crew at least 10 minutes to setup for the next band.

with my friend/officemate

with my friend/officemate

The moment Urbandub went on stage, the crowd got really excited. But, much to our dismay, the performance was very abrupt with only three songs in the playlist (most other bands did only three as well). We think though that the band’s vocalist got pissed with the system there that they decided to cut their performance short. Their female bassist, who we saw earlier at the lobby, did not even perform with them.

The last band was finally a blast but not too much still, with only about three to four songs in the list. Sob.

I guess, til the next time, Sonic Boom. We wouldn’t mind the place at all. We hope you don’t compromise quality next time – the music is what we came for.