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We’re Pam, Niño, Asha…and Luka.

We’re a semi-nomadic family
who loves to hike, camp and backpack.
Welcome to our little corner in the interwebs
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The Best (Mis)Adventures of 2016 — and What Lies Ahead

The Best (Mis)Adventures of 2016 — and What Lies Ahead

So guess what, I am finally giving in to doing a year-end post and I think I've been itching to do this since forever. Thing is that we didn't really do much traveling this year. This is, in fact, the first full year that we are at home. Did I mention that we are...

3 Ways to Look Forward to Your Trip without the Financial Worries

Money talk is unavoidable when it comes to travel. Although it IS possible to avail of free accommodations while you are on the road, there are still other things in your trip that you have to spend for. And, no matter how much you try to keep your expenses at a...