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I’ve never been that happy kid on Christmas morning mostly because my Christmas presents from my parents never really get wrapped in some fancy paper and they do not stay in their package for more than an hour.

Friday (November 29th) was a typical day at work when our front desk in-charge messaged me that I had a package waiting for me. I thought it was the confirmation receipt I regularly receive at the office from my Mutual Funds account. But then it wasn’t. It was much better, at least for the time being anyway.



I am obviously the happiest kid in our office lobby (only three of us there, plus the postman) that day. Plus my trust in the local postal service has now been revived. Let me give you a short back story:

When I came back from my two-month maternal leave May this year, the first thing I did was “window” shop online. I’ve known a certain online bookstore for months (details, I will post in another blog) and went around to browse. I suddenly remembered that I had some funds in my PayPal account. To make the story short, I made a purchase on 11 books (only three of which were for adults, the rest were baby board books).

Of course, I clicked on the “Purchase” button only after reading reviews about the site. They offered free shipping in most countries all over the world so it was important that my research narrowed down to purchases from the Philippines. Most reviews, from blogs, were positive and since I had been a freelance writer for more than three years, I pretty much have a good grasp on which reviews are fabricated and which are not.

Unfortunately, Philippine residents would have to wait around 4-6 weeks before they get to see their books (if they are lucky, of course). It takes about a week for the store to ship from their office to the Philippines and it takes the local postal service the remaining time to get them delivered to you (if they do not fancy your items, that is).

I wasn’t one of those lucky people. I waited and waited – most reviews said they got their items delivered straight to their addresses. I had mine at the office but to no avail. I dropped by the city post office one time and because the store could not provide a tracking number for me (something about using the Royal Mail Service, I forgot the details), I could not give any further details at the post office except for my name – and they wouldn’t entertain me because of that. Nope, not a single budge.

I was able to get a refund for my purchases this October though but I went ahead and purchased the same items, anyway. I was feeling lucky then since it was my birthday.

Fast forward, about four weeks later, Mr. Postman greeted me at the lobby and told me, “Hi, I’m your personal postman, at your service. In case you have any concerns you can actually contact me.” (Yes, he actually spoke in English). I was ecstatic and asked for his name and contact details because surely, more books will be coming my way. Haha.



I have no idea how the heavens and fate conspired but they did – amazingly, my personal Mr. Postman is my ex’s namesake (yes, the one from the six-year relationship) although with a slight variation in the spelling but still the same altogether. It was one hell of a coincidence, it’s not even funny. It seems I will be having a text-mate bearing that name just like I did back in 2004. Hahaha.

So yes, thank you personal Mr. Postman-whose-name-is-one-helluvah-coincidence for bringing me my books safely and at just four weeks and for bringing back my trust on the local courier. Thank goodness I will only get to see you and not those unpleasant men at the post office. And yeah, I’ll be seeing you again soon as I still lack three more packages.