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There are many things lined up in my Do list right now. I’ve started a little bit of everything but consistency is still a little difficult. I’d love to have a few people to join the fun with me but my introvert personality shies away and wishes all that little time to herself. Haha.

Anyway, it is said that writing down your plans and goals make them more effective probably because you actually get to see them physically compared to when you have them all in your head. Also, many bloggers share the start of their journeys because it gives them that sense of responsibility of having those things fulfilled since they are all out in public.

To put the pressure on myself, here’s a glimpse of my Do list as of today:

1) Daily Nihongo Reviews.
I plan on taking the JLPT N3 Level this coming December, no matter what. I took the N4 exam (and passed) last December 2012 but unfortunately, have attended no further Nihongo classes at work. As such, my Japanese language skills may have gone below N5 level. Hahaha. I’ve made up a study schedule which I’ve yet to show (and follow religiously) so I could study N5, N4 and N3 until two weeks before the exams.

2) More Sewing Practice.
A few months ago, I decided to get obsessed with getting a sewing machine and then starting out with sewing basics mostly because of how my manually sewn felt boots came out. Unfortunately, I only have the weekends to do that and, even then, not much. I have yet to manage my time and energy so I could still take care of the daughter (no nanny during the weekends and whenever the partner or I are home) and find time to rest – and blog – as well.

3) Living Healthy.
This part needs a lot of consistency and commitment from me. In fact, I brought extra clothes and a pair of running shoes with me to the office yesterday so I could jog or brisk walk for at least half an hour – but I never got to. Perhaps later during the day I will? I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I also need to work on eating more greens and all those other fruit colors if I want to be a good example to my dear daughter. Oh, and this is also in preparation for a new adventure that I may get to share in the coming months.

4) Skills Upgrade
Mostly on WordPress and my photography. And perhaps also designing and photo editing. I plan on creating a WordPress theme from scratch sometime this year but I still haven’t found a schedule for that. Haha.

5) Most Importantly: More Consistent Blog Posting
If you have followed my Facebook page then you would know that I’m doing my very best to keep on following a blogging schedule. So far, it hasn’t worked out great but maybe this week, things will change.

And, just in case you didn’t know:
Mondays – go, travel, eats
Tuesdays – do, DIY, crafts, reads
Wednesdays – nurture, parenting, education
Thursdays – manage, finance
Fridays – all else, random, personal

My dear friend over at Inks and Scribbles is also trying to commit to her own blogging schedule.

What things are you trying to commit to today?


PS. If you’d like more encouragement in becoming consistent, I suggest you check out James Clear’s blog, too.