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I hate to have a sentimental post in my “adventure” blog but since The Daily Prompt asked, then I shall dedicate this to my dearest partner-in-crime.

with le partner

with le partner

Today is our 888th day together (I told him infinity, infinity, infinity – cheesy, I know). We don’t exactly have a month-sary or anniversary to celebrate because he neither officially courted me nor asked me to be his girlfriend because I told him not to.

Instead, we made the first day that we ever exchanged text messages our day. Actually, I was the one who sent him a text message first on the 12th of June, 2011. I just had my postpaid plan approved so I sent messages to my phonebook contacts to save my new number. We weren’t exactly close friends then, we just got acquainted after going to a concert/party together.

However, June 12 is Independence Day in the Philippines and as such, is a holiday. We (mostly me) hate having to join multitudes in their celebrations so instead I told him our day would be the 13th. Hahaha.

Unlike most couples, we do not have a monthsary. I guess it’s mostly because I hated being in a cheesy relationship. (After my breakup, I would keep thinking that all relationships would eventually end up in sad endings – or something like it – so to save oneself from getting too emotionally attached, proper measures had to be followed.) Instead, I used the Korean movie Sassy Girl as an inspiration to celebrate being together every 100 days.

Unfortunately, we only got to really celebrate that on the 1st 100th day. The second up to the eighth came by in a blur and without a fuss. Haha. After we had our baby, we’d forgotten that and I only checked last night to see how many days we’ve been “friends”. It was usually he who counted that but, you know, life messes with your schedule and you just get caught up in the reality of the world.

I hate to have to give in to this but I must say, yes, my partner is many, many things to me. Although there are many things I dislike about him (haha), let me just dedicate this post to all the things I, err, love about him.

It may seem weird but the first time we talked on the phone (yes, immediately on the 12th), I immediately opened up to him about all my heartaches. I just recently broke up then and had some strings that needed to be cut here and there. He told me then that he would help me get back with my ex or something. There were many, many things I shared with him from that day that should actually not be shared to a new friend and eventually, to a future daddy-of-your-kid, but he continues to keep an open mind about things. He’s also taught me to accept a person for who he/she is – the past is something to be left behind but it has made the person who he/she is so you will also have to accept that, too.

One of the things that we share an interest in is our love for music. Currently, we share a passion for Incubus, Urbandub and Franco, among others. The first time he ever saw me (because I didn’t) was in a 3-day concert. A common friend introduced us but I could not recall seeing him at all. Haha.

I had no idea this guy shared the love of the printed page with me. We differ in genres though: his is more into Neil Gaiman, Stephen King and Dan Brown while mine is mostly into romance and young adult fantasy. I think I haven’t grown up just yet.

The moment I found out I was possibly pregnant with le partner’s kid, the first thought that came to mind was how I was possibly going to take care of a baby. The partner assured me that he would always be there and that he would be willing to exchange roles: I at the workplace and he at home, taking care of the baby and the household.

The older I had become, the more I found out that I have my mom’s temper which is almost as short as a bomb fuse that you see on cartoon shows. Thankfully, the partner is there – he patiently teaches and guides my niece and lulls the baby to sleep even if he has work in an hour.

Before him, I came out of an extremely jealous relationship. Right now, I am glad that I am with a best friend. Seriously though, I could share with him many, many things, even my office crushes (if they exist, anyway). I’m sure he gets jealous a tiny bit but he usually just shrugs it off since its pointless to make it a big issue.

In summary, I guess I love mostly anything about my partner (errr…). I sure am glad to be one who can be my rock, my inspiration (!), my best friend and confidante and many more. Plus, in the future, we intend to make travel partners out of each other plus one more – our dear daughter!

braving the cold

braving the cold

Happy 888th!

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